User Adoption

User Adoption

In this short, 8-minute podcast, Centric Leadership Strategies Chief Customer Officer and Senior Consultant, David Ellin, talks about User Adoption with Henrik De Gyor on the User Adoption Podcast.

Closed-loop Feedback

During the podcast, you’ll hear about the importance of creating a closed-loop feedback process coupled with Voice of the Customer surveys to expose barriers to adoption. Closing the loop on customer feedback creates engagement, trust, and respect. It lets your customers know you’re listening, you heard them, and you acted.

Customer Training

Training your customers on your products can either drive or hinder user adoption. When done right, training is critical and opens the product for deep and meaningful use. When done poorly, training can create roadblocks to adoption by confusing customers. David’s recommendation – go through your own training as if you are a customer of your own company. You’ll likely find gaps that create confusion and hinder adoption. Correcting those gaps will result in better adoption and accelerated time-to-value.

Listen to the User Adoption Podcast here

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