What clients have said

“David and I worked together on numerous initiatives to help provide superior service to our customers. Whether working on customer experience, retention, integrating an acquisition into a multi-brand lifestyle platform, or strategic planning, David was always focused on our growth and success as a partner, trusted advisor, and sounding board.” – EVP, RetailWinds

“David’s leadership was evident in all aspects of the selection process which gave us confidence that he and his team had attained a clear understanding of our needs, expectations, and growth goals…I appreciated his emphasis on performance metrics and insights. David is highly skilled and motivates the people around him to perform at their best.” – Vice President for Global Sourcing, health and wellness company

“David is strategic, professional, and passionate regarding his intent to help and advocate for his clients…his thoughtfulness and transparency enable quickly building the trust required to develop productive, long-term relationships with clients.” – Director, eCommerce, online retailer

“Outside of top-notch support, leadership, and availability…David acted as an ongoing executive liaison and escalation path, oversaw QBRs, and instantiated a highly collaborative communication process up and down across all teams. This comprehensive and consistent process gave a forum where the tough questions could be asked and helped to ensure that investments were prioritized in a transparent fashion.” – Director, Omni-channel Solutions

“While working with us…David demonstrated critical skills, knowledge, and abilities that will make him a valuable resource to your company.” – COO, online products company