Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement – Is it time for you to Consider an Enhancement?

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I recently had a conversation with Beau Billington, CEO of The Free Agent discussing customer engagement. Beau and I talked about several topics and I answered the following questions:

What does customer engagement actually mean and what is the difference between it and customer success?

What is the difference between Customer Success, Customer Support, and Account Management?

Why does Customer Success matter?

How does a company know if they are deficient with their engagement strategy and need to look at ways to enhance it?

How should a company go about creating an actual strategy, implementing one, and how much of an undertaking would this really be?

How much effort would be involved in the on-going maintenance of a customer engagement strategy?

How could a company leverage someone with your expertise to help them build out or fix their current engagement strategy?

You can read the answers to these questions here.